About Dauria Cattery

My cattery was found in 1993, and in 1994 was registered to WCF in Germany. The sire of cattery male cat Miron has a rare and beautiful color — cream-cameo. In 1998 Miron won the championship of the world. He has been a permanent Best in show member of all exhibitions he took part in, and repeatedly occurred the Best of Best winner. Dauria is the only cattery that has this unique (exclusive) and splendid coloring in Moscow. There’s no any other place to find such nice and elegant kittens but here. Miron is a wonderful sire, and perfectly hands down his exterior characteristics like his splendid coloring. Kittens colored this way are white at birth. And by the second month of life tips of hairs become creamy. Kittens with this color are like ice-cream balls covered with rose jam. Kittens born from Miron are very tender and even-tempered, playful and talkative like their father. One of referees of the international exhibition in Moscow, Mr. Schep wrote in Miron’s certificate — «sweet temper», and other referees noticed that as well.